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I am a clothing designer, doll maker, embroiderer and painter.

I created my Dolls for Change to raise funds to support educating young women around the world.

I have shifted my focus to creating a collection of clothing- KBecker Designs.

My clothing line is an inclusive collection designed to give women 

beautiful, timeless, modern pieces that will outlast fads.

I remain focused on the efforts I started with my Dolls for Change in Uganda.  A portion of the proceeds from the sales of my clothing

will be donated to Droty Uganda so we can continue to build girls 

bathroom units at school yards in Uganda.  This encourages them to remain in school and complete their educations rather than dropping out when they begin menstruation.

Please visit my new website for the clothing line and add your

email to the list for updates.


Visit to see the work being done with the funds

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