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Travel with me to Holland!

Lauren Pignatello of Swallowtail Farm and I have a week of relaxation, creativity, drinking wine and eating wonderful food planned in Holland and would love to have you join us!

Lauren will teach about identifying native plants and their medicinal properties as we wander the countryside of the Netherlands. I will be teaching watercolor and drawing techniques so you can capture the plants and surroundings in your very own field guide/ sketchbook.

We are staying in a GIngerbread house (I swear it looks like a gingerbread house!) and will be taking the train into Amsterdam to see the museums, eat in outdoor cafes, and soak up the beauty and friendly atmosphere of Holland.

We even have a yoga instructor who will offer small sessions for the first few days of the week!

We filled the first week and have added a second week. Grab a spot. We would love to have you.


Kimberly and Lauren

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