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Who's joining me for a workshop in Amsterdam?

I'm teaming up with my dear friend Lauren Pignatello to offer a workshop combining her talents and mine. Lauren is an award winning cheese maker and runs her own farm, apothecary and bakery. She was the medicine woman at Standing Rock and is a pro at creating lovely balms, elixirs, tonics and baked goods from plants she goes out and forages from the woods.

I will be adding to this by teaching folks to draw the plants and scenery and then apply watercolor to create unique Field Guides. Each participant will go home with a sketchbook full of information and memories.

We will bike around the countryside of Holland, visit the Dutch Masters paintings at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, learn Lauren's techniques in the kitchen with the plants we forage and purchase in local markets and create Field Guides with watercolors to capture the recipes and images of the ingredients.

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